Maritime radio telegraphy world wide news

" Maritime radio telegraphy world wide news " is the title of a CD-album of the former German radio officer Sylvester Foecking DH4PB and contains aproximately 2 hours of different Wireless Telegraphy.

He has composed this CD from collected information of the "Nautical high school Bremen" and from private sources. The CD starts with a short introduction of the 100 year old history of the Maritime radio telegraphy. It continues with telegraphic news from coast stations all over the world. You´ll find famous names like Norddeich Radio, Scheveningen Radio, Land´s End Radio, Halifax Radio, Washington Radio and Sydney Radio, just to mention a few. You´ll hear from near SOS-, distress and security-messages, iceberg-warning, weather forecast and press release and you´ll see how Maritime radio telegraphy was done in practice. From what you hear you may guess what kind of ability was necessary for a radio operator and what a sensitive ear was needed to select the right information. Today most of the coast stations do not sent messages anymore, at least not with this old method. Today communication via satellite has replaced everything else. Therefore the highlights of the CD are surely the farewell messages of some of the famous coast stations. With only some "CQ" and deeply impressive words in morse they said goodbye for ever. This may induce sadness, mainly when the Maritime radio telegraphy was part of your professional life. On the sea and on the shore the radio operators always did their duty. Today this profession has vanished and the communication duties had been taken over from the nautical officers.

With his private initiative Sylvester Foecking has saved a part of the history of world-wide telegraphic news. The double CD with registrations from the 70ies and 80ies from all over the world are not only of interest for former radio operators but for all those that feel somehow attached to CW. One could also recommend the homepage of the editor ( "Küstenfunkstellen und ihre Rufzeichen/ Coast-stations and their call signs". See also "international" There you can hear coast stations with their original CQ-loops, so that you may already find some interest for this album.

Order: Sylvester Foecking, Wormser Strasse 16, D 55276 Oppenheim.

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Payment: The cost of the double CD is in Europe € 13,00 incl. Postage and handling.
We donate €  2.50 to "Seefunkkameradschaft  Bremen"  -  "Society of Radio Officers Bremen"
CD in  USA/oversea $13 (all incl)
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There is a german or english edition (cover and introduction)