Maritime Radio Day - MRD
14th / 15th April

Maritime Radio Day

is held anually on amateur radio frequencies on short wave to rember to the era of maritime radio communication using Morse Code
telegraphy transmissions only.
After handling by different operators in France and Germany it is from 2014 on managed by "Radio Officers Assocation - ROA" .

All former radio officers with amateur radio licences are invited to take part in this event and may get a commemorate diploma.
Get more information on ROA MRD - Homepage

Colleags with no radio rig but internet access can listen to transmissions of MRD by SDR from University of Twente (NL) Link
A complete HF receiver is available to tune in to transmissions.

Maritime Radio simulation programm "Hoerwache" is available to work on " medium wave " frequencies. One might tune in all the MRD time
or every hour on the hour to exchange travel report etc homepage and login is Hoerwache

MRD takes place from 14th April 12 UTC - 15th April 22 UTC

to rember to the loss of " RMS Titanic / MGY " on it's maiden voyage in 1912 !